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How important is Sustainability?

The definition of sustainability is...

“That which conserves an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of the Earth’s natural resources.

As a consequence it is difficult to claim any packaging material, be it paper, board, glass, aluminium or plastic are sustainable as they all deplete the Earth’s natural resources to a greater or lesser degree. 

Trying to keep the customer happy whilst doing the practical, scientific thing has become almost impossible. Switch to paper, card, metal or glass and all the time you are adding carbon.

I guess the question is: what problem are you trying to solve?

Keith Vyse UK Government Packaging Advisor 

Thus when selecting materials for packaging a more sensible approach would be to use the material that has the least damaging effect on the environment in their manufacture and use. Here the picture becomes clearer as we have a common measure we can use; carbon emissions. 

The Academy

Our Academy presentations were introduced in 2018, since which time it has been attended by over 1200 delegates from circa 90 companies. The Academy takes an holistic view of the current and future role of flexible packaging including environmental comparisons between the various packaging materials.

The presentation is factual throughout and provides an excellent insight into the future role of flexible packaging.

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Environmental Packaging Audits

These site audits consider every aspect of pack design and printing including the environmental impact of the material, as well as the carbon footprint of the various packaging formats.

These environmental audits are carried out by an experienced packaging engineer and packaging technologist and are provided free of charge to customers and others where appropriate.

Helping customers with sustainability, recyclability, resource depletion targets as well as reducing carbon footprints are all considered in the Academy and Environmental Audits.

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To see how we can help with your sustainability targets