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Savoury Snacks

Crisps, snack foods, "food on the go" etc...

Generally these products are packed vertically as they are free flowing but items such as savoury biscuits and crackers may be filled horizontally.

The mock-ups look great! Thank you!

Rod Garnham, Corkers Crisps

  • These products are mostly VFFS & HFFS formats
  • They generally require a good barrier, particularly from light and moisture so metallised and coated films are frequently used
  • Superior quality reverse print allied to metallised specifications are an ideal combination for promotion of the brand and product
  • Seal integrity is also an important factor to prevent ingress of gases and moisture
  • High speed low temperature seal films are often utilised for these products
  • Gloss, matt, paper and tactile finishes can be administered to further enhance pack aesthetics and presentation

We wanted packs that were high in quality and re-sealable and allowed consumers to see the product. Our packaging team and designer worked closely with National Flexible and the result was a pack that really stands out on the shelf

Wendy Wilson, Co-Founder Peters Yard

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