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Vertical Form Fill Seal

Free flowing products and liquids

Vertical form fill seal machines (VFFS) are widely utilised in the food and drink industry. Perfect for freeflowing products and liquids where accurate overhead dosing is required.

Flexible packaging in reel format with a registered shaped window had not been done before. National Flexible achieved this and has produced an excellent pack which we are delighted with

Jane Holmes, Product Manager, Serious Sweet Company

Some of the key benefits are;

  • Entry level to fully automated lines with infeed
  • can pack a range of free flowing liquids, solids and powders
  • ultra sonic sealing jaws are available
  • simple to use and maintain
  • can run a range of films from single web to high barrier laminates
  • "stabilo" and "pouch" formats can be formed from reel fed stock

VFFS machines are utilised to pack a varied range of products using a diverse range of films. As a consequence having the correct film for each application is essential. Many companies never change their film. It is for this reason National Flexible provide the free consultancy service to enable customers to be sure their film is the best available.

Very good service

Stephen Urquhart, Mackie's Crisps

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