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Health & Nutrition

Energy bars, protein balls, super foods etc...

These are chiefly high value products which require a combination of on shelf presentation with product preservation and protection. Where the product has fewer artificial additives the packaging is often required to be more "environmentally friendly".

Very satisfied with the service in bringing a tricky project to fruition, National Flexible have been very proactive and accommodating to the frequent changes


  • A wide range of barrier films are used for these products
  • The use of high quality flexo or gravure print supports quality branding
  • Environmentally friendly films are common to accentuate the "lifestyle" image
  • Individual portion packs are a feature of health and nutrition products
  • These are regularly high margin products that require high quality packaging
  • Flexible packaging has witnessed significant growth in this category, reducing weight and expanding customer functionality

Film on the reel and stand up pouches contribute to a premium format to these products which are essentially lifestyle choices

National Flexible helped us create a different effect using metalized film. They met our cost criteria yet they have moved us to a far superior pack. Their help was invaluable

Mike Jessop, Co-Founder, Moo Free

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