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We are a Climate Positive Workforce

What is a Climate Positive Workforce?

Every person in our company has their entire life's carbon footprint offset.

The offset covers both our professional and private lives, including emissions from our homes, personal and professional travel, holidays, food, hobbies and more!

It’s pretty much common knowledge that one of the best ways of keeping our temperature from rising above 1.5C whilst tackling the climate crisis is to plant trees and that’s why we teamed up with Ecologi.

Ecologi, a company created so people like us can actually help take on the climate crisis, invest our monthly donation to offset the entire carbon footprint of all our people, creating a Climate Positive Workforce. 

This has been done by helping to fund ‘Gold’ accredited climate projects around the world every month, for example, using biomass in Chile and wind energy in Bulgaria to generate electricity.

This means our impact is immediate.

In addition, every month we are buying native and diverse trees which are being planted in Madagascar, Mozambique and Nicaragua as well as Scotland, which will help towards the future.

We have our own company profile that we can view and can also be viewed by our customers and suppliers to show what we are doing to help reduce global emissions of CO2.


Click here to view the projects we are helping and where our trees are being planted


To see the actions we have taken towards our sustainability target