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We are a Climate Positive Workforce

What is a Climate Positive Workforce?

Ecologi, the market leader in collective climate action, offers individuals and businesses the ability to subscribe to climate change solutions, whereby a monthly subscription mitigates the carbon footprint of all our colleagues, as well as contributing to the planting of trees. 

Specifically, our subscription offsets across all our colleagues, including professional and private lives, emissions from our homes, personal and professional travel, holidays, food, hobbies and more!. 

As a business, we recognise the current risks we face, in terms of environmental damage, and going climate positive means going a step further than carbon neutral, by saving MORE greenhouse gas emissions than we generate. 

It’s pretty much common knowledge that one of the best ways of keeping our temperature from rising above 1.5C whilst tackling the climate crisis is to plant trees and that’s why we teamed up with Ecologi.

Ecologi, a company created so people like us can actually help take on the climate crisis, invest our monthly donation to offset the entire carbon footprint of all our people, creating a Climate Positive Workforce. 

At the time of producing this information, we have planted 5,590 trees in our forest and offset 399.55t of carbon reduction. 

This has been done by helping to fund ‘Gold’ accredited climate projects around the world every month, from producing electricity in Northeast Thailand, to preserving Amazonian rainforest in Brazil, our funding goes towards supporting multiple projects across the globe.  

As part of our sustainability vision to do more for the planet, our work with Ecologi allows us to make a difference. Interested to know more? Take a look at our projects   

To see the actions we have taken towards our sustainability target