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Caring... Sharing... Being Different

Company Culture

By accident or design every company has a culture. One weekend we all decided ours could be captured in these words “caring, sharing, being different”. They define our attitude to customers, suppliers and each other and form the heart of our business philosophy.

I love you

Carole Creed, Northumbrian Fine Foods

Employee ownership

Over 80% of our people own shares and/or have their pensions invested in the company, which is another reason why our customers “feel” the difference.

Why we said caring;

  • Our 4 largest suppliers have been with us over 10 years, we believe in supplier partnerships
  • We consider what is best for the customers "needs" not just those we currently supply
  • We provide our people with in depth personal development training, as well as product training
  • We dedicate a Customer Champion to each of our customers
  • We dedicate a Supplier Champion to each of our suppliers
  • A Director has a 1-2-1 in depth interview with each individual 3 times each year to ascertain their views of the business
Cheltenham Races with our customers

We have forged a long term mutually beneficial partnership with National Flexible. They are a group of highly knowledgable packaging professionals and their loyalty to us as a supplier is uncompromising

 Eleftherios Kassianidis, Hatzopolous

Why we said sharing;

  • We will invest capital mutually with our customers
  • We will invest capital mutually with our suppliers
  • 80% of our people have invested their money in to business so we pay our dividends and/or rent to our people
  • We provide our customers with up to 6 months free credit
  • We attend 100% of all "first off" prints with our suppliers
  • We offer all our people the day off on their Birthday

Successful projects are delivered only when there is a trust and an understanding of what is required. Reproflex3 have been working with National Flexible for over 15 years and have created this solid foundation. We break boundaries of innovation whilst achieving fast turnaround projects. We are delighted to be part of the team

Andrew Hewitson, Managing Director of Reproflex 3 Ltd & Sample-it

Why we said being different;

  • Our annual customer survey has run for 17 years and our customers get audited feedback on the results
  • We provide free PR to our customers
  • Some 50% of our people have 10 years service or more
  • We guarantee 100% delivery on time in full, with 20% rebate on the order if we ever fail
  • We resolve any non-conformances first and investigate "why" later
Those people who play together, stay together.

Interested in being part of our culture?