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Speciality OPP Films

Technical treatments to enhance OPP performance

OPP film can be given additional properties by modifying its structure. Thus metallised film, PVDC/acrylic coated films, white and cavitated films can be used to either extend product shelf life through extra barrier properties or enhance pack aesthetics.


Sean Austin, Paterson Arran

Benefits of special OPP;

  • Good barrier properties extend shelf life when coated
  • Easily laminated to other substrates
  • Excellent graphics when printed on white/cavitated film
  • Both graphics and barrier enhanced by printing on metallised
  • Relatively low cost when compared to lamination/co-extrusion
  • Excellent machinability

Breathability can be obtained by laser perforating OPP, whilst hole punch and hot needle perforations allow moisture to escape on bakery and produce packs.

National Flexible stock all the variants of specialist OPP noted above along with others such as high speed low temperature seal.

Great company to work with, thank you for your support

Neil Wallis, RGH Rubber

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