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Sweet Snacks

Confectionery, cakes, biscuits etc...

Generally these products are packed horizontally and in most cases the aesthetics of the packaging matter more than showing the product.

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For packing confectionery and cakes, flexible packaging offers several benefits including freshness preservation, protection from external elements, and attractive presentation.

Here are some types of flexible packaging commonly used for packing confectionery and cakes:

Stand-Up Pouches: Stand-up pouches are versatile and offer excellent shelf presence. They provide ample space for branding and product information while ensuring freshness with resealable options. Stand-up pouches are suitable for packaging items like cookies, sweets, and small cakes.

Flow Wrap Packaging: Flow wrap packaging involves wrapping products with a continuous film, providing a tight seal. It's commonly used for individual packaging of items such as chocolate bars, brownies, and small pastries. Flow wrap packaging offers product visibility and tamper-evident features.

Pillow Pouches: Pillow pouches are simple yet effective for packaging confectionery items like sweets, chocolates, and marshmallows. They are lightweight, cost-effective, and suitable for small to medium-sized products. Pillow pouches are easy to store, stack, and display on shelves.

Gusseted Bags: Gusseted bags offer additional volume and space, making them ideal for packaging larger confectionery items such as cookies, muffins, and slices of cake. The gussets allow the bags to expand to accommodate irregular shapes while maintaining product freshness.

Cellophane Wrappers: Cellophane wrappers are a classic choice for wrapping individual pieces of confectionery such as sweets and chocolates. They offer a transparent and glossy finish that enhances the presentation of the product while providing protection from moisture and air.


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When it comes to packing biscuits, the best flexible packaging option depends on several factors including product characteristics, shelf life requirements, branding preferences, and consumer convenience. Here are a few flexible packaging options commonly used for packing biscuits:

Stand-Up Pouches: Stand-up pouches are a popular choice for packing biscuits due to their versatility, convenience, and shelf presence. They provide excellent barrier properties to protect biscuits from moisture, air, and light, helping to maintain freshness and extend shelf life. Stand-up pouches can be customized with attractive graphics and designs to enhance brand visibility and appeal on store shelves.

Flow Wrap Packaging: Flow wrap packaging involves wrapping individual biscuits or biscuit stacks in a continuous film of plastic or foil, sealing the edges to create a tight seal. This type of packaging offers excellent product visibility and is ideal for on-the-go snacking or single-serve portions. Flow wrap packaging provides convenience and tamper-evident features, making it a popular choice for packed lunches, vending machines, and retail displays.

Pillow Pouches: Pillow pouches are a simple and cost-effective packaging option for packing biscuits. They consist of a single layer of flexible film sealed on all sides, forming a pillow-shaped package. Pillow pouches are lightweight, easy to handle, and suitable for packing a variety of biscuit shapes and sizes. While they may not offer as much barrier protection as other packaging options, they are an economical choice for short shelf life products or budget-conscious brands.

Zipper Pouches: Zipper pouches combine the convenience of flexible packaging with the resealability of a zipper closure. They are ideal for packing biscuits that are intended for multiple servings or for consumers who prefer to reseal the package between servings to maintain freshness. Zipper pouches offer excellent barrier properties and product protection, making them suitable for both retail and household use.

Quad Seal Pouches: Quad seal pouches are a premium packaging option that provides enhanced stability and shelf presence. They feature four side seals that create a square or rectangular shape, offering increased rigidity and structural integrity compared to traditional stand-up pouches. Quad seal pouches are ideal for packing premium or specialty biscuits and can be customized with high-quality printing and finishing options to create a luxury brand experience.

Some more factors to consider...

  • Chocolate coated confectionery are packed in cold seal lacquered materials for matt prevention and speed
  • Recent advances mean that low temperature seal heat seal films can replace cold seal to reduce costs
  • Products with a high butter content normally require higher barrier material and oxygen to prevent fat rancidity
  • High quality flexo or gravure print is ideal for premium pack resentation to assist in "important purchases"
  • High gloss, matt, tactile lacquers and paper laminate with a window are all options to be considered
  • Many of these products are part of "meal deal" in the "food to go" arena so differentiation is key

When selecting flexible packaging for packing confectionery and cakes, it's essential to consider factors such as product size, shape, shelf life, and branding requirements. By choosing the right flexible packaging solution, you can ensure that your confectionery products remain fresh, visually appealing, and irresistible to customers.

Ultimately, the best flexible packaging option for packing biscuits will depend on factors such as product characteristics, branding requirements, consumer preferences, and budget considerations. Manufacturers should carefully evaluate their specific needs and choose the packaging solution that best meets those requirements while providing a positive consumer experience.

Whatever you are packing, we can help to guide and support you throughout your packaging journey and give you the tools you need to find a solution best suited to your packaging needs. 

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