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Morning Goods, Scones, speciality breads etc

These are usually short shelf life products where the film used is predominantly about protection from external contamination during the handling, transporting and retail process.

If only all my suppliers could be like you! I have always found you very helpful and a pleasure to deal with!

Kelly Beard, Butt Foods

  • Coex OPP is the most commonly used film for the short shelf life products
  • Flow wrapping is the usual method of packing these goods
  • Low value items are commonly wrapped in unprinted film with a label
  • Printed film assists in shelf appeal for larger runs
  • Where extended shelf life is required higher barrier films with MAP are often utilised
  • Tactile lacquer to replicate paper give an artisan, home baked feel

Over the years many of the materials used in this area have been downgauged in thickness to reduce cost and packaging weight. National Flexible can provide a packaging engineer free of charge to aid in providing these efficiency savings. (see customer audits).

You’re a great team of people, the help and support you give is second to none. Thank you for everything!

Keely Buttle, IPS

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