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dosed liquids, powders with high productivity

Sachets are used extensively for individual portion packs in particular liquid foods or dry granular products. Sachets are a simple effective pack format for small portions.

Extremely satisfied with the level of service, helpfulness and friendly but professional approach from all the staff I am involved with.

Stephanie Green, Griffith Laboraties

Some key benefits are;

  • Bespoke sealing layers available that seal through liquid and granules contamination
  • Most sachet filling machines are several lanes across allowing for high productivity
  • Flexible portion sizing, light weight, low waste option
  • Materials exist that are suitable for cold and hot fill
  • Low cost versus pots, jars etc...
  • Shaped options possible

Seal integrity and barrier is key when sachet packing, our extensive knowledge and experience in this field can ensure the right choice is made first time.

Thank you for all your support, Alessio has made a big difference. Customer service is very good.

Peter Kerr, Stokes Sauces

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