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Skin Films

A perfect film for product preservation

Skin film is a coextruded material growing extensively in the meat and fish retail pack arena

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The benefits of skin film include;

  • High puncture resistance suitable for use with meat, bone and shell products
  • Suitable for use with Mono APET and PE lined base web
  • Superior peel properties
  • Excellent clarity for glass like finish
  • Retains product positioning with no sagging
  • Available in varying thicknesses (75-200 micron)

Skin film and all of our other coextruded films are available from stock on a 2-3 day service, reducing lead time and improving your cash flow.

We always choose National Flexible. Excellent service, always competitive and always coming up with ideas to help grow our business

Darren Evans, Purchasing Manager, Lovemore Foods

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