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Technical Training Workshops

Dave's Diary


These film and print technical workshops were originally designed for internal training. Such is their success when provided to customers that over 500 delegates have attended from over 150 companies.

Nice team, very friendly and helpful. That was basically my whole degree course compressed into 3 hours.

Shahin Rastizadeh-Premier Foods

These workshops provide

  • An insight into film & print technology 
  • An insight into the design of print and manufacture of film 
  • Guidance on which films are ideal for packaging which products 
  • Guidance on avoiding some of the more common problems 
  • The opportunities and problems that occur at pre-press 
  • An insight into the 4 “P”s of packaging 
  • Packaging machinery VFFS, HFFS, Thermoform, Lidding, Box wrap, Sachet, Pouch
  • Environmental films, the future of flexible packaging?

Delegates comments are overwhelmingly positive about the benefits they gain from more understanding of print and film technology

Very good session, really worthwhile. Useful in my role and to take back to the business for future possibilities!

Lizzie Corrie, Bettys & Taylors

Our place or yours?

These workshops can be organised on the customer’s premises where there are 5 or more delegates


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