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Dave's Diary

Dave will post regular updates on happenings around the world from exhibitions, film procedures, print and pre-press developments.

Downgauging Plastic Packaging

96% of audits carried out have offered opportunities for reducing the amount of plastic used by downgauging, or offering alternative materials which, for example, could be recyclable.

Biodegradable food packaging – 15 benefits to really shout about!

We love a good dictionary definition here at National Flexible, and we’ve got one here for biodegradable: “A substance or object capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms and thereby avoiding pollution.” That seems straightforward enough, but before we dive into our list of benefits, let's look at how that transfers into packaging materials and products.

Eco friendly food packaging ideas for 2021

Eco friendly. There are two parts to the phrase we’re looking a little deeper into. If we’re going to help our planet retain resources without causing the ongoing harm we have, we need to consider it closely and how it impacts our actions.

UK Bakery Packaging

What do we mean by bakery? Well, it includes everything from your morning crumpet to your teatime cake treat, to your ‘sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine’ pizza.

What is Polyester?

A versatile plastic film that excels in having an exceptional combination of high tensile strength, chemical resistance, thermal stability, flatness, high temperature resistance and thermal and electrical insulation properties.