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You could not make this up

We are currently on holiday in Portugal, but we have a holiday home in Castleton in the Peak District with a double parking spot!

Anyone who has been to Castleton in summer knows how precious this is!

It seems early Saturday morning a Peugeot car was parked in our spot, making it difficult for our neighbours to gain access and impossible for our guests to park their car beside the cottage. 

The car was still there Sunday evening and the police tell us its not been reported stolen and they can do nothing to trace the owner, particularly in a B&B somewhere in the village.

However, here’s the point of the story!

No-one has blamed the car!!

Not us, not our neighbours, not our guests and not the police. But if the people responsible had simply left a collection of plastic bags, bottles and plastic waste everyone would have blamed ‘the plastic’. Which simply highlights the distorted view so many people have about the material!

(Monday, and it's still there)

Meanwhile there have been further developments in the Barry Twigg vs The BBC saga which I hope to share in the week.

Any advice you may have on this problem is welcome and please feel free to join me on LinkedIn for more regular conversations.


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Craig Dickinson

Can't disagree with your little story above but it feels like we're fighting a losing battle to try to educate the wider population on the positives of plastic. There are too many campaigns on social media condemning plastic and the few that try to give an unbiased view just aren't getting the exposure (Clear on Plastics campaign from the Plastics pact is nose-diving in my opinion). Coupled with that we have the fact that the infrastructure in the UK does not have the investment or inclination to allow the UK to lead by example. There needs to be a global approach to the problem if we are stop the shipping of waste to the third world country that's cheap and will turn a blind eye to our "not in my backyard attitude".

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