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What is ‘Plastic Paranoia?’

Scientists from the Natural History Museum have just revealed 28% of 900 fish trawled from the River Thames have ingested plastic.

Whilst no one condones plastic or any other rubbish thrown into the River Thames, the origin of the plastic waste ingested was predominantly from clothing fibres, fishing gear and wet wipes.

The authors express their condemnation and they are correct in concluding that it is not healthy for the fish.

What the report omits to mention is that 27 million tonnes of untreated raw human sewage is discharged into the River Thames every year. Presumably this waste is also not healthy for the fish.

Whilst two wrongs do not make a right, pollution in any form is still pollution. But £5 Billion is being invested to solve the human sewage problem, if a similar amount was invested by the Local Authority in the Infrastructure for collecting and sorting London’s plastic waste then the problem would dramatically be reduced.

When will we accept ‘Plastic is not the problem’ it’s the way we treat plastic waste.


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Alan Campbell

Well spoken Mr Twigg, agree 100%! UK requires serious investment in recycling & collection rather than current trend of ticking boxes! Hope you are well Alan Alan Campbell Mob: 07769 959 959

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