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BBC – ‘War On Plastic’

On Monday night the BBC will use its prime time 9.00pm slot, for 4 weeks, to continue it’s ‘War On Plastic’.

Whilst we can’t know the full content until we have seen the programmes, having read the preview, we can anticipate more of the same bias against the material.

For the sake of balance, here are some facts the BBC won’t tell your readers.

  • Plastic Naptha is less than 2% of a barrel of oil. The oil is extracted for petrol, diesel, aero fuel, etc. Thus, plastic Naptha is a plentiful by product of oil which if not used is wasted.
  • Whatever alternative materials are used as alternatives they use more of the Earths precious resources than plastic.
  • Whatever material is used, Board, Glass, (heaven forbid) Aluminium. Their extraction, manufacture and transport all create more CO2 emissions (Global Warming) than plastic.
  • Plastic is 100% recyclable. It is not recycled because local authorities have not invested in the infrastructure.
  • Of the contribution to 8 million tonnes dumped in the world’s oceans annually, over 80% come from just 10 rivers all in the Southern hemisphere.
  • Countries that do not use ‘western style’ food packaging average 60% more food waste.

Finally, the estimated contribution from the USA & Europe combined is Cira 2%, predominantly from fishing nets and ships. There is much more the BBC won’t say but hopefully we will get a more balanced view.        


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