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A Brief Thank You to the Food Industry

We are constantly reminded (quite rightly so) of the dangers faced every day by the front line workers in the NHS with their unenviable task of trying to combat the ravages of COVID19 and we welcome every opportunity which may arise to show our appreciation for their quite harrowing work.

We should also remember that there are millions of others who have continued to work. In particular those in the food and food packaging industries who, whilst not facing anything like the trauma of the NHS workers, nevertheless deserve recognition for their contribution to maintaining the nations’ food supply, often in difficult circumstances.

Therefore, the following letter was sent to ‘The Times’ last week in an effort to raise public awareness of the contribution the people in the food and packaging industries are making to keep the country fed and watered. Also, how critical ‘Single Use Plastic’ is in the fight against the virus. The letter was as follows.

To the Editor

Food Manufacture and Single Use Plastics

Just a brief thank you to those unsung heroes working in the food and packaging industries ensuring every day we are fed and watered. They continue to work despite the difficulties associated with social distancing and in many cases a disrupted home life.

Now may also be a good time to review the public’s perception that “Single Use Plastic” is a material which simply damages our environment and recognize how essential this material is in enabling us to live our everyday lives in the current climate. Gowns, surgical gloves, face masks, visors, antibacterial handwash, soaps and medicines not to mention food and drink packaging. All contain or are 100% “Single Use Plastic”, playing their part in the battle against the virus, a role which could not be undertaken by any other material.

What is needed now is more understanding of the importance that “Single Use Plastic” plays in all our lives and government financial support in our domestic waste collection and recycling infrastructure to dispel forever the myth of “Single Use Plastics”. 

Unfortunately, the editorial staff at ‘The Times’ did not consider the letter worthy of inclusion. However, we believe that the people working in both business sectors are doing a great job and should have been acknowledged, as we can also be certain when the virus moves on, any negative publicity about food packaging (particularly plastics) will once again be front page news.

Meanwhile, for those companies who supported our proposed approach to the BBC and politicians for a more balanced approach to ‘Plastic Packaging’. Please be assured we are taking the process forward in the next 2-3 weeks. I welcome your views on any of the items raised and extend an invitation for you to join me on LinkedIn. 



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Ute Cooper

There is no need to call all plastic bad. With proper recycling facilities as demonstrated in Germany and Switzerland, for example, it could continue to be a valuable industry. and what about the new knowledge of plastic eating bacteria? There are so many opportunities for the future.

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