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When Technical meets Design

Case Studies

National Flexible have constantly gone above and beyond to meet our customer expectations in both technical and design briefs.

It is not always simple to achieve a pack that fulfills both requirements especially when such specific needs are demanded for a particular product.

“Great performance, I get what I want when I want”

Sylwia Stewart, Wholebake

Brief Summary

Wholebake desired a laminate material with paper on the outside to achieve the design brief. However to accomodate the objectives of the technical brief the following were imperative;

  • A moisture barrier of under 5g/m2 in tropical conditions
  • An O2 barrier of under 20 cc's
  • A running speed of over 200 packs per minute
  • A wide sealing threshold to cope with ramping up and down in speed without harming the seal areas of the pack

National Flexible Technical Director, Dave Daniels, worked closely with Wholebake to meet the brief.

3 different specifications were produced quickly to trial that would either match or better the above requests.

After they all passed the trial stage, Wholebake selected the one that best met the objectives of price, performance, presentation and protection.

The new range was launched across 10 designs utilising a high barrier, low temperature seal film with the natural aesthetics that were sought.