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Speed to Market

Case Studies

National Flexible's business model has always contained the unique method of booking print slots in advance for stock replenishment for its customers. The beauty of this operation is when a design is required quickly the printed film to stock can be substituted and postponed for something more urgent.

Brief Summary

One of the UK's largest grocery groups was approached by a UK retailer to pack its single use products in to a multipack for the first time.

They contacted National Flexible to see what could be done as the listing deadline was in 3 weeks.

  • Trial reels were produced within 24 hours to ascertain whether the product could be packed this way
  • After successful trialling a cutter guide was created and passed to the design agency used by our customer
  • During the 2 week wait for the design we ordered base film to be ready to print when the time came
  • On recovery of the design a GMG was outputted and with the customer within 24 hours
  • Once approved by the customer we made cylinders (the design was gravure to match the inner packs) within 3 days and printed the two designs on the 4th day
  • The film was laminated that night and sent ready for despatch 48 hours later

In other words 7 days after approval the customer was packing in a new gravure printed design.

Over 12 months later the packs are still in the retailer with listings elsewhere also being very successful.

Without the speed to market of National Flexible this revenue stream would have never occured.

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