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Sharing the best that nature provides

If you are as passionate about animals as Alflora, then you will love their feed and bedding products!

Based in the beautiful county of Cumbria, Alflora began with an idea to try and find the most nutritious feed they could, with the concept of sourcing naturally great products to compliment great quality care. 

100% natural and GMO-free, their worldwide research in animal nutrition and methods used to preserve their nutrients ensures they provide excellent forage and bedding for your animals, so their packaging needed to complement their products and help keep them fresh.   

“National Flexible made the whole process of film sizing and ordering very easy. We were introduced by our bagging line manufacturer, and initial meetings took place to ascertain the best thickness and type of film for what we were intending to do, then National Flexible worked closely with our staff and designers to come up with appropriate designs and sizes to suit what we were trying to achieve. The first rolls are now in production and working well, we would very much recommend them for your film needs!”

From field to feed bag, and grown with love, Alflora don't believe nature needs additives. With their pure forage products, cut and harvested at their prime, they provide the best feed options possible for the ones we care about and are as passionate about providing the perfect feed for animals as we are about providing the perfect packaging for your products. 

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