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Fantastic Service Response

Case Studies

Due to circumstances outside their control one of the UK’s leading grocery brands was told by their printed film supplier no film would be available for at least two weeks.

23 different designs were waiting to be delivered. A bank holiday weekend was looming and many of the UK retailers look destined to be out of product. George Slack National Flexible MD promised the customer he would do everything we could to keep the 7 affected plants working.

In the next 72 hours he arranged to;

  • Receive artwork for all 23 SKU’s
  • Reoriginate the designs and produce printing plates
  • Source and slit the base film (some of which was speciality grades)
  • Manage the logistical flow of plates and film to the printers
  • Organise printing and slitting in priority order
  • Organise timed transport into 7 factories

With “round the clock” deliveries over a bank holiday this was a sensational demonstration of what individuals can achieve when there is total commitment and organisation to the project.

Much sleep was lost but no business was lost!

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