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National Flexible

National Flexible provides our customers with a range of unique benefits unequalled in the print and film convenience sector. These can be summarised as follows:

Our top 10 commitments to our customer



We will hold up to £150k of stock for our customers for up to 6 months free of charge


Delivery Guarantee

We will guarantee to deliver on time in full to every customer with an tS.R.F. (Stock Requirement Form). Should we fail to do so we will rebate 20% of the order value.


Quality Guarantee

We will have a print technologist “pass off” every first print to ensure there is a 100% match to the cromalin approved.


Customer Training Workshops

We will provide free film and print technical training workshops for customer’s staff at every level.


Customer Audits

We will provide free packaging audits on site to customers including a qualified engineer and packaging technologist.


Mutual Capital Investment

We will invest capital with our customers where new packaging machinery or retrofitting or plant is required.


6 Months Free Credit

We will provide our customers up to 6 months free credit where orders are placed via S.R.F.



For customers new products we will provide free PR, including free photography and magazine inserts.


Dedicated Customer Champion

We will provide any key customer with a dedicated customer champion committed to servicing the packaging requirements of their business.


Should Problems Occur (24hr Service)

We will provide a packaging engineer and/or a packaging technologist on site within 24hrs should any major packaging problems occur.

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