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Proud to Help the NHS!

PFF’s new line in PPE polythene aprons presented them with an opportunity to strengthen supplier relations. The Department of Health & Social Care contract has also enabled the business to source the additional goods, materials and services, that were needed for the new venture. National Flexible is one of the latest suppliers to be welcomed on-board.

PFF’s aprons are output to rolls during the production process at their Washington site. Each roll is individually film-sealed, and they use a flow wrapping machine supplied by another new supplier, Redpack Packaging Machinery, for this process.

National Flexible was nominated to provide PFF Health branded single web 35mic polypropylene film which is fed into the flow wrapper in which each roll is wrapped, sealed and separated. Usually a thicker laminate of different films would be used for this type of packing line due to the roll weight but we recommended a cost-effective single web polypropylene which has the added benefit of containing a reduced amount of polymer.

Lee Wilkinson, Group Supply Chain Manager at PFF had the job of sourcing new suppliers who were able to help with the fast turnround project. “PFF started scanning for additional UK based suppliers back in March this year. Consistency, quality and reliability are essential credentials. We chose National Flexible because they have a good track record on these key attributes. And I was impressed with their professionalism and friendliness. In a digital age, it is still true to say that people buy from people they like.”

We are always delighted to work with another UK manufacturer and were delighted to be approached by PFF. We were particularly pleased to be able to contribute to their new venture and one that will benefit frontline NHS workers.


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