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Fabulously tasty chocolate with a hint of Squirrel

At Gnaw we're bringing the fun back to the chocolate market, and buttons are a perfect product for that - ideal for sharing whether you're in a posh frock in the theatre or at home in your PJs.

When our buttons were in need of a revamp we spoke to several packaging companies, but we were impressed with National Flexible and their cost-effective solutions. The Kraft paper packaging they proposed hit our brief in terms of both the way that it looks and feels. Their openness to working alongside our designers was also a big plus, allowing us to understand what could and couldn't be done, and how we could save costs by making use of different printing techniques.

The designs themselves were the first step in an overall update to the Gnaw brand identity, keeping the playfulness from the original packets whilst improving the clarity of communication. The spotty patterns became a self-selecting choice, upping the visual impact whilst also hinting at the contents of the packs. They also allowed our squirrels to take a day off from being front and centre, cheekily hiding away to be discovered on the bottom corner of each bag.

We're delighted with the final results, and we hope that our customers and fans will be too!