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Plastic Free???

Go Plastic Free???

An odd question from a plastic packaging supplier BUT we want to audit your packing line FREE OF CHARGE to see where we can help you Reuse, Recycle, Reduce or Replace your packaging.

With 3 simple steps we can help you "go green". We will:


1. Review, assess and AUDIT your existing packaging film usage

2. Suggest, offer and trial alternatives

3. Become a member of our Alumni and be one of the 1st in the industry to learn of exciting new developments

Don't just take our word for it!


"The packaging audits have worked extremely well and the cost savings made are very welcome"

Will Laughton, Premier Foods


"We have tried to do this before without success. It is pleasing to see what can happen when an innovative packaging supplier works together with an innovative packer"

Mark Caul, Tesco


"National Flexible are brilliant problem solvers"

Paul Wilson, Kinder

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