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A World First in Sustainable Packaging

National Flexible are able to supply world class flexo printed flexible packaging which is both solvent free and emission free, through a hydro-electric powered process.

Combined with the fact all inks used are water based and solvent free – a sustainable world first is available in the UK right now!

One site in our supply chain is entirely powered by an on-site water mill, this self-sustaining energy source saves on average 880,000 Kgs of CO2 emissions in a year. To put that emission usage in to perspective imagine driving a Ford Fiesta 233 times around the circumference of the earth!

Not only does this packaging boast sustainability; this solution could mean the holy grail of sustainable packaging which is cost effective too.

Our Enigma water-based printing solution generates a 47% reduction in ink usage when compared with gravure printing. As the ink represents approximately 40% of the total cost of printing there is no significant cost differential versus standard print processes.

The first launch using this process has been with Ringtons coffee division who worked in partnership with ‘Eat Your Hat’ brand to develop a new coffee collection. Their coffee is sustainably-sourced from smallholder farmers and like-minded traders, who embrace fair, ethical, sustainable agriculture. They came to National Flexible with a vision to make their pack “as sustainable as possible”.

Stephen Drysdale, Head of Ringtons coffee said: "We've helped develop a new coffee range under its own Eat Your Hat brand which not only features revolutionary, sustainable packaging but also offers customers a range of high quality coffees”

Eat Your Hat stated “Thank you National Flexible! The company’s comprehensive knowledge of the packaging industry, wide range of available materials and excellent customer service helped us achieve our world-class goals”. The 5 varieties of coffee are available to purchase at

If sustainable packaging is one of your business goals, please call National Flexible on 01274 685566 to discuss how solvent free and emission free printed films can help your brand!