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Change for the better...

Customer Packaging Audits

These Packaging Audits are designed to improve productivity and take costs out of the system by any of the following; a change of film and/or print, better pack design, down gauging, improving machine efficiencies and changing pack format. We invariably find opportunities to provide benefits to our customers.

Thanks George, the packaging audits have worked extremely well and the cost savings are very welcome

Will Laughton, Premier Foods

Our customers have received £2.5 million cost savings in just one year

We will provide free of charge where appropriate

  • A packaging technologist along with a packaging engineer
  • A full report and review of current film and packaging operations
  • A full review of current shelf life and potential for change
  • A full review of machine packing speeds and prospects for change
  • Alternative film and or print based on the latest technology
  • Alternative machine configuration
  • Mutual capital investment
  • Trial reels for all films recommended
Packaging reduction is paramount

Why these audits work

Every year around the world there are packaging exhibitions many of which introduce new film and print technology. Technical staff from National Flexible regularly attend these events to enable us to bring to our customers the very latest film and print technology.

Some recent exhibitions visited

DRUPA Dusseldorf  Ipack Ima Milan
ANUGA Cologne  HISPACK Barcelona
INTERPACK Dusseldorf Packaging Innovations Birmingham
Pack Embalage Bucharest  Label Expo Brussels
Fachpack Nuremburg Gulf Print & Pack Dubai
Dave Daniels, Technical Director visiting Interpack in Dusseldorf thinking... "Why are you taking this photo"

Mutual Capital Investment

Where an audit results in a change in the packaging process or the retrofitting of machinery to accommodate new film or pack format we are prepared to consider supporting the capital cost of the change, in exchange for longer term supply agreements.

Too few companies bother to update their packaging film which is surprising when so much R & D goes in to developing new films

Barry Twigg, Chairman National Flexible

Typical savings, all are ongoing

  • One customer saved £170k per year over 4 factories
  • One customer saved over £50k per year on just one line
  • One customer had a 10 tonne reduction in packaging volume and a saving of £40k
  • Running speed on one packaging line increased from 40-45 metres per minute to 70-75 metres per minute
  • A cold seal application was changed to LTS film cost saving £60k per year
  • We invested £80k on a retrofit with a customer giving them an £80k per year saving

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