National Flexible Thinks ‘Inside The Box’

Inside the BoxAn innovative design for crisp packets has demonstrated how good things really do come in small packages. Boxerchips have applied their novel concept for packaging reduction to a range of tasty crisps which has been rapidly soaring to success with record in-flight sales on airlines where space is at a premium.

The new packaging format delivers the same volume of product as a standard 40g bag of crisps, but the compact arrangement allows for an overall reduction in size by as much as 50% and dramatically crunches the amount of packaging materials used by 35%.

Needing a unique appearance for the new packs, Boxerchips worked on the project with National Flexible to develop a bespoke film for the unusual flow-wrap application.

The high-barrier laminate film offers excellent seal integrity to deal with the constant changes in atmospheric pressure that the packs are exposed to, whilst also being pliable enough to fit snugly around the internal box which contains the product.

The 5 different flavours have eye-catching visuals created using a process that simultaneously prints both sides of the film in one pass, giving the outer surface of the laminate a unique spot-matt finish.