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With a wealth of experience in the packaging industry at the most senior levels, Barry Twigg - National Flexible´s major shareholder and CEO – shares his thoughts and ideas about the latest trends.


Film Shortages – Market Update


“Panic Buying” by Major Film Convertors was said just two weeks ago, to be the reason why delivery dates for film orders were being extended, in some cases Bulk orders for film were being reduced by up to 80%.

At the end of last week, we were informed by two of our suppliers, that not only was there are a shortage of polymer but

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Film Prices:- Panic Buying Exacerbates Film Shortages! And “Enigma”

“It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again” (Vince Lombardi)

The present supply situation for most polymer based films looks very much like a re-run of the 2015 situation.  Now, as then, polymer supply became “tight” in the first six months of the year due to polymer plant “outages”, both planned and “Force Majeure”.

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NEWS FLASH: – Polymer Film Price Increases


It will be no surprise to regular readers of these jottings that in the last 14 days we have had two multinational polymer suppliers declare ‘Force Majeure’ at two polymer manufacturing plants.

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Flexibles:- More M&A + Film Prices + Enigma

Flexibles M&A – ‘and another one bites the dust’ (apologies to Queen)

Transformation according to the Oxford English Dictionary is defined as ‘A dramatic change in form or character.’ Thus “Transformation” is an ideal description of what is currently happening in the UK flexibles industry.

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2017 Film Prices – Crystal Balls

Here at National Flexible the most common question we are asked by our customers is ‘What’s going to happen to packaging film prices in the coming year?’

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Common Themes For 2017: Film Prices, more M&A and Demon Plastic

Film Prices:  

All bets are off!  These were the closing words of our 2017 price forecast.   They referred the possibility of Russia and OPEC coming to some agreement on the allocation of oil production Worldwide and they did!  This decision moved the oil price 10% overnight, meaning that it doubled in 2016 from a low of $28 dollars $56 per barrel at the time of writing.

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2017 Film Prices – Crystal Balls!

For many of us now is the time of year for budgeting, an exercise which requires diligent managers to cast their minds into the future and forecast events, over many of which, they have no control!

Thus the most popular question we are asked every year from our customers is ‘What’s going to happen to film prices in the coming year?’ In effect they are asking us to consider the following variables.

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£150 Million Film Price Increase – From Sterling Slump, Lidl & More Self-Assessment

The UK imports by far the bulk of the raw material for converting packaging film.  The value of these bulk imports was estimated in 2015 to be circa £1 Billion.  In addition there are calculated to be some £400 Million of finished flexible packaging imported, chiefly by large packaging film, convertors such as Amcor the remainder is by the major brand owners who import large volumes of printed film from around the world, primarily to obtain lower prices.

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Plastic Packaging Paranoia and Price Update

Plastic Packaging Paranoia:- Ignore It At Your Own Risk

The Anti Plastics lobby becomes more and more vociferous week by week.  Anyone who feels this is an exaggeration should consider the following adverse press given to plastics in the last few weeks;-

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Film Prices:-  The Next Move Plus Plastic is Perfect!

As the holiday season draws to a close, many packaging buyers returning to their desks will be surprised to see that film prices continue their inertia.  The surprise comes from the fact that the fall in sterling against both the Euro and the Dollar has not yet stimulated a rise in polymer or film prices.  Granted, oil prices have fallen some 15% from their June high of around $50 but Sterling has fallen a similar amount since Brexit, suggesting that currently polymer supplier margins remain static.

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