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Lyondell Basell have announced “Force Majeur” for supplies of Polypropylene polymer from their Italian plant at Ferrara.

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Film prices are on the move again and Plastic Packaging is demonised again!

Film Price:- We suggested in January that film prices are likely to increase in the first ¼ of 2016 and unfortunately this forecast has been proved correct. Whilst the increases in Polypropylene prices have been relatively modest with just £50 per tonne in February and £75 per tonne in March. Increases in Polyethylene prices have been higher.

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Brexit – Flexible Packaging – Winner or Loser


Whatever else is on our mind we are all going to be inundated with conflicting information on the Brexit question over the next 3-4 months.  The EU has been described by one of the “Outers” as a corporatist statist institution essentially run by unelected functionaries in the European Commission and an unaccountable European Court in Luxembourg and that’s one of the better descriptions.

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Prices – Profits and Procedures

Hi Everybody

It’s good to be back despite the differences in temperature between Cape Town and Bradford.  Five weeks seemed a long time away until we had 2 days of freezing temperatures at home then it did not seem long enough.

First of all, thank you to those readers that E-mailed to ask when the next bulletin was due, my apologies for not explaining in more detail the reason for my absence.  However, not much has changed on the film pricing front since December 2015 but you may like to consider the following figures and ask why?

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2016 Quality, Hygiene and The New BRC Accreditation

BRC Audit Sharing Platform

We have expressed our concern on several occasions regarding the exponential growth in the size and number of Supplier Self-Audits we are required to complete.  These have risen from just over 200 in 2013 to some 440 in 2015, with the demand for more and more information increasing year by year.  This growth has, in my opinion, undoubtedly been driven by legitimate concerns within the industry regarding the stringency of the compliance criteria and monitoring required to achieve the BRC accreditation.

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2016 – Be Sure to Check Your Mugs

We sent this out when many people were on holiday so for those who missed it, here’s a rerun.

In many ways 2015 has been an excellent year, as our readership has increased steadily throughout the year. So I take this opportunity to thank you for your interest & feel obliged to pass on a cautionary tale about the new problems which could await us in 2016.

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News Flash – LyondellBasell Forecast Polymer Shortages


You read it here first!:-    Earlier in November we said the “3 Force Majeur” closures already announced last week suggested that we could be in for a repetition of this years capacity closures. This suggestion was despite the glut of oil slushing around the market the major polymer manufacturers would maintain their margins by closing capacity. As a consequence we repeated the advice we gave in October, which was to buy film forward at todays prices, at least until the first ¼ of 2016.

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Force Majeure – Polyolefins; Here we go again & Printer/Convertor Profits


Just when we thought that “Force Majeure” had gone out of fashion we have three announcements in the last 2 weeks confirming polymer plant closures. You may recall these “Force Majeure” shutdowns (there were 40 of them during the Summer) were the major reasons for the film shortages which occurred mid-year, along with the escalation of prices.  These all occurred at a time when oil prices were flat thus inflating

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2016 – Budgets – Film Prices – Film Supplies – Film Developments

As budgeting time approaches we are often asked by our customer for our views on the Flexibles Market for the coming year and 2015 has been no exception.  In these circumstances we felt it may be helpful to summarise our views on the key market trends in flexibles for any of you (or your customers) who could find the information of interest.

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Polymer Prices – Continue to Defy Gravity + Plastic Recycling Paranoia

First of all, many thanks to those of you who gave your comments on LinkedIn on our latest Twigg Times post, they were very welcome.

Currently I am away on my Autumn sojourn into the Algarve, a place where there are no daily deliveries of milk, newspaper, post or weekly collections of domestic refuse.

Here we all take our rubbish to central collection points, where we conscientiously sort it into the various constituent parts for recycling. After which it is picked up from the various collection points and then for the most part all dumped back as a job lot into landfill, amazing!

The ‘system’ really got me thinking about the realities of waste recycling, particularly plastic waste, but more on that later

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