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Polymer Availability – Film Prices, M & A Activity And Plastic Bags


As recently as  April it was suggested by Basell, the petro-chemical giant, that film Polymer may have to be put on allocation due to production problems.

At that time we said, “We don’t think this will happen! Inevitably, film prices will increase but with oil at just 54 dollars per barrel we believe the current margins for polymer suppliers are just too good to miss. They will simply re-introduce some of the closed production capacity as the polymer price increases currently  being implemented are made to stick”

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News Flash – Polymer Price Graph:- Highest Price Ever?

polymer graph july 15

News Flash – Polymer Price Graph:- Highest Price Ever?

The good news is that delivery dates are coming down from 8/10 weeks to 6/8 weeks from some European film manufacturers, so can a fall in prices be far behind?

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Polymer Prices & More: The Fat Lady is Not Singing

There is considerable ambiguity in the stories circulating regarding the availability of polymer supplies to film manufacturers. Whilst some tell us that the situation is gradually returning to normal, others have suggested this is basically due to imports from the Middle and Far East at prices higher than normal. What is certain is that there has been limited information available on the reintroduction of the polymer production plants closed claiming ‘Force Majeure.’

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Polymer Prices: Record Highs in June


Resin prices for both OPP and PE polymers have reached record highs in June. Although the increases applied have been only 40-60 Euro cents, these increases follow those applied in March, April and May. The resultant prices are the highest yet reached for OPP, HDPE and LDPE polymer.

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The Polymer Saga continues + New OPP Plants


The current turmoil in the film polymer supply market was exacerbated last week as Ineos declared ‘Force Majeure’ at its Lavera plant due to the inability of Total to supply feedstock for both PP and HDPE manufacture. This reduces the short term availability of polymer in Europe by a further 740,000 tonnes. Despite the re-opening in mid-May of capacity from 3 European plants previously closed, this setback could prolong the period of higher prices and longer lead times for film into the 3rd quarter of 2015.

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Breaking News – Film Polymer Availability

Only those Packaging Film end users away on a world cruise, or in some other somnolent state, will be unaware that the flow of homopolymer for film manufacture has been dramatically curtailed over the last 3 months and as a consequence the cost of purchasing all packaging films has increased dramatically.

The reason being that in all, since early February, there have been 14 polymer production plant closures involving 7 companies.  All these producers have claimed “Force Majeure” as the reason for closure.  The 4 bulk producers Basell, Sabic, Ineos and Total have had the biggest reductions in capacity.  The consequence has been a total production closure of some 20% across Europe and the Middle East.

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Breaking News – Polymer Shortage

The Story so Far
• 11 polymer production plants across Europe and the Middle East are closed either wholly or in part
• 20% of all European polymer capacity is closed
• US dollar exchange rate moved against Sterling and the Euro
• Supply of all polymer is affected – PP and PE have been particularly hard hit • ‘Force Majeure’ is the reason given for most of these ‘outages’ and flexible packaging trade associations across Europe are demanding more information about production problems • Prices of all polymers are being increased month by month with allocation (rationing) being suggested by some polymer suppliers

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It’s the ‘F’ word once again!

Total, the French oil giant are the latest film polymer supplier to declare a ‘Force Majeure’. This particular new ‘Outage’ is at their Antwerp cracker, which now joins the Total cracker in France which is also currently closed due to ‘Force Majeure’. This now brings to 11 the number of polymer production plants closed wholly or in part across Europe and the Middle East. No less than 7 of these polymer production units have been closed since early April.

Against this background it is hardly surprising that polymer prices are increasing yet again for May, with June deliveries virtually guaranteed to follow.

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Due to the above outages we now seem to be in the midst of a fully blown supply crisis for films. Throughout most of last week we have been notified of changes in both prices and film availability from most of the larger OPP film manufacturers. Two have informed us that their production capacity is now ‘full’ and that July would be their earliest delivery date for new orders. Meanwhile two other manufacturers were willing to take orders for May/June deliveries, but are not prepared to quote prices. In addition, PE prices for May/June delivery are projected to be a minimum of £200 per tonne above current levels. In our opinion (expressed many times) this is a ‘false market’ created by the closure of production facilities by the major polymer suppliers as the table above demonstrates. Nevertheless, we are where we are!

At the risk of being sued,

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Film Prices- strange but true

Hi Folks

Here in Biloxi down on the Mississippi Delta there are more casinos per head of population than anywhere else in the world and there is a choice of 9 casinos with a golf course attached.

It felt strange to find all these Gamblers congregating in one small town, but not half as strange as the current supply situation in the OPP and PE Packaging Film Market.

Whilst we warned in January that there was talk of prices increasing, and confirmed in February that this would probably be the case, we did not anticipate the chaotic situation which is currently forecast by film suppliers.

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